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Dogs are considered a man’s best friend. They are incredibly brilliant animals, and they can understand human language and react to our moods. However, some breeds are smarter than others. Some dog breeds excel at a specific skill, while some are better at doing certain jobs. Research suggests that bigger dogs could be more intelligent than smaller dogs, although this has been yet to be confirmed.

For instance, Bloodhounds excel at going after a week-old scent for almost a hundred miles. On the other hand, Border Collies are mostly into tricks and quickwittedness. Larger dogs tend to accurately remember things over a more extended time than smaller dogs.

Cleverness Of Dogs
Dogs have complex minds. Studies show that dogs are smarter than previously thought. The intelligence of dogs depends on intuitions, obedience, and their capability to adapt. However, some specialists say that they are dependent on people. According to experts, breeds of “hunting” dogs have a biological tendency to become the smartest dog breeds on the list.

Smart dogs can be adamant and get easily bored. Owners must keep them enthusiastic and entertained to avoid their friskiness. They depend on smell more than other pets and focus on their owner’s scent more than anything.

Keep in mind that dogs of the same breed have IQ differences. Do not overlook the fact that there is a diversity of mutts. There is no concrete way to determine how intelligent dogs are because they are distinct from one another.

Top 5 Smartest Dog Breeds
If you are looking for a smart canine friend that can keep you company, check the following breeds that stand out among the pack.

Border Collie
Border Collie places at the top of the list of the smartest dog breeds. They are intelligent, enthusiastic, and eager, making them the brightest dog. They are smart, energetic, and eager, making them the most brilliant dog. Border Collie can learn a new command in only five seconds and performs it at least 95% of the time. They can train even without supervision. They also have a powerful stare technique that frightens livestock.  

German Shepherd
German Shepherds are commonly exercised as police or search and rescue dogs, therapy dogs, and medical support dogs. They are easy to train to detect bombs by sniffing drugs and even people. However, it’s original calling was to collect sheep. They are fierce, intelligent, and enjoy reward-based training. Despite these admirable qualities, a German Shepherd can be vulnerable to health problems. They tend to have severe issues with hip dysplasia as they turn older.

Toy Poodle
These fluffy and curly cuties took second place for working intelligence in Stanley Coren’s intelligence rankings. Toy Poodles are raised to catch things out of the water, making them great swimmers. These fluffy and curly cuties took second place for working intelligence in Stanley Coren’s intelligence rankings. Toy Poodles are raised to catch things out of the water, making them great swimmers. Another fascinating characteristic of Toy Poodles is reading the human body language and reacting to their owner’s actions fast.

Being small does not hinder Toy Poodles from being one of the most trainable dog breeds because they enjoy learning. They are also hypoallergenic dog breeds, suitable for people with allergies to dogs’ fur or dogs in general.

Golden Retriever
This dog breed is initially called for hunting, but it is now the nation’s most loved family pet. They are hard workers and considered the fourth smartest dog because of their obedience and working intelligence. Their skills in adapting to new environments and learning skills without struggle make them an excellent guide and therapy dog. Golden Retrievers are easy to train, but they require a lot of affection.

Shetland Sheepdog
Shetland Sheepdog resembles a mini version of Lassie. Considering one of the smartest dog breeds, they understand a new command in only five repetitions. As herders, they are to keep track of wandering animals for a long time without supervision. Shetland Sheepdogs are loyal and obedient to their owners. Although they tend to bark, chase, and mob, Shetland Sheepdogs are affectionate.

Tips In Checking The Dog’s IQ At Home
To ensure that your smart pup does not get bored, you can try the following activities to keep your furball both physically and mentally healthy.

Keep treats hidden for a while and observe how long it takes the dog to find them.
Try hiding a treat under a towel first, and then slowly mix up things by trying multiple choices and harder to find spots. If the dog is successful with the tasks, it signifies that the dog has a high IQ.

Observe and pay attention to the dog’s emotional reactions
As stated above, a smart dog recognizes the mood of its owner. They are wise enough to know when their owners are feeling down or that it’s time to welcome their owners as soon as they come home from work.

Estimate how long it takes for the dog to follow simple commands
Check if the dog instantly comes to its owner once they call the dog and if they need to be told several times before getting up from the couch. It is a sign that the dog is smart based on their reaction time.

Observe the dog’s behavior when the owner is not around
There are pet cameras, which are a great way to monitor what the pet does whenever the owner is not around. It is an excellent assessment of how smart the dog is or doing something they are prohibited.

The smartest dog breeds, notwithstanding size or origin, have one thing in common: how fast they can understand and follow commands. But intelligence does not instantly make the right pet. To bring out the dog’s capabilities, owners must study the breed, invest time in training, and understand the dog’s traits.

The bottom line is that what keeps these dogs motivated are herding and using their senses to hunt for things and people. Perhaps it’s because these dog breeds are initially bred to work hard, and they possess instincts. All dog breeds have a certain level of intelligence, but they have a heightened level, making them smart.

Like Golden Retrievers, most dog breeds on the list often work in hospitals and nursing homes where they can connect and comfort people. These exceptional dog breeds work hard and make loving companions and family dogs.