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Meet the A-Team at The Pet Resorts

We are the caretakers of your pet so rest easy – they are in good hands.

Cassidy Condon

General Manager


As an animal lover her whole life, Cassidy Condon has always known she would end up working professionally with animals. Cassidy has an Australian Shepherd named Ayden and a horse named Dawson. She is part of the NATRC ( North American Trail Ride Conference) community where she frequently competes all over the east coast. Cassidy started her grooming career as a bather, and shortly after that she attended the Grooming Academy, and has been grooming ever since. Cassidy has been a part of The Pet Resorts team for three years now and has spent the last year as our grooming department’s Manager. Along with constantly studying new grooming techniques, being knowledgeable and comfortable with multiple different breed cuts, she is also experienced in working with dogs of all ages, and different levels of difficulty. With her overwhelming love and excitement for grooming, she makes it easy to relate and form relationships with pets and their parents.

Joslyn Bogigian

Assistant Manager


Joslyn has loved dogs her whole life and is very passionate about rescues. She has five furry family members including Roxie (a Pitbull mix with the goofiest personality), Koda (a Husky mix who will bark at absolutely anything), Kathryn (a Pitbull mix who just wants to lay down), and Rocky (an Australian Shepard who is the protector of the house). Before joining The Pet Resorts team, Joslyn worked at Southern Grace Equestrian Center which is also the home of her largest furry family member named Apache (an Appaloosa who is a big gentle giant). Joslyn has volunteered at animal shelters since she was 12 and has a love for the misunderstood breeds and is experienced working with several breeds of all sizes and temperaments. And now she has found her place here with The Pet Resorts team!

Rebekah Cox

Professional Dog Groomer


Rebekah Cox comes to us from New Zealand and has worked with animals her entire life, from dogs to racehorses. She is comfortable and competent in all breed cuts, and has found her passion in grooming at The Pet Resorts. Her work with dogs in a grooming capacity started in July 2018, and her training has been extensive. She has had her share of success with difficult and older dogs with special needs, and forms close relationships with her clients. Her expansive knowledge of coat care and overall health ensures that she will be able to answer any questions you may have, and help you achieve the look you are wanting for your pooch!

Currently she owns a mule named Taylor Swift, and if she’s not at work, she’s riding! In addition to riding, Rebekah is constantly researching and looking to improve her craft, because as a groomer you never stop learning. Every dog can teach you something new, and this is what allows her to get along so well with many different types of personalities.

Derrick Nonnemacher

Professional Dog Groomer


Derrick is a 28 year veteran in the pet industry. He spent 18 years in Veterinary Medicine, 5 years in Boarding and Day Care as a General Manager and 16 years as a Professional Groomer (some of those years doing double duty as Vet Tech and Medical Groomer). After growing up in Colorado and living in California (where his wife’s family is from), Derrick and his wife decided to move to Georgia in 2018 to be closer to family living in Dawson County. Derrick has a tender place in his heart for special needs pets. He and his wife have 5 furry children including 2 dogs, Wyatt (a 3-legged Husky and bottle baby), Josephine (a 6 month old Australian Shepherd), and 3 cats, Faith (a bottle baby they got only a few hours old), Fernando (their other 3-legged baby), and Merida (Fernando’s soul mate).

Meg Manske

Professional Dog Trainer


Meg is super excited to be working at The Pet Resorts! She loves sharing and teaching about positive reinforcement training. Meg worked as a trainer and coordinator for the training department for 5 years at the Animal Rescue Foundation in California. She taught Basic Manner, Basic Manners 2, Puppy Manners, Puppy Socials, Wallflowers for Shy and Fearful Dogs, and Reactive Rover. Basically, there was a class for everyone! She finds it very rewarding to see a fearful dog explore a new food puzzle, puppies who were once very shy playing together, the spark in a dog’s eyes when they finally understand “go to your mat,” and reactive dogs calmly walking past each other.

Malcolm Aga



After a successful career in sales and management with companies such as Hewlett-Packard and Eclipsys, as well as business development experience in health care information technology start-ups, Malcolm decided it was time to stop being a road warrior and spend more time with his family. He has always had a love of animals, especially dogs, having had at least one most of his life. His family is the proud owner of a wild and crazy Morki rescue, a spoiled rotten Coton, a skittish Havanese rescue, and a couple of adopted frogs left with us to care for when our oldest daughter went off to college.

As with any business, the hours are long and there are plenty of challenges to go around, but the rewards are great just in seeing the smile on our customers’ faces when they arrive to pick up their cherished pet, knowing it received loving care by our professionals!