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Summer Dog Grooming for Keeping Cool

Dog grooming is very different in summer. Like humans that don T-shirts and sandals, summer dog grooming trims down a dog’s winter coat and prepares his paws for hot summer pavements. But just because it’s hot outside, dog grooming doesn’t need to leave your pooch looking like a drowned rat.

Every dog who tends to get hot in summer can benefit from having his stomach fur groomed. For one thing, no one will notice your dog’s shaved belly, staying true to a fashionable dog grooming for the season. In addition, when your dog lies down on the grass or floor, his groomed stomach will help cool him off quickly.

Summer pavements or sand on the beach can be scorching. The fur that grows under your dog’s paws helps to protect her. But, leaving the paw fur long can cause tree sap to stick things to the paw and even between the fingers.

In summer vegetation is long, and your dog spends more time outside.  Dog ears, especially in dog breeds with droopy ears, are especially vulnerable in summer. It’s important to have the fur around your dog ears groomed to prevent seeds, leaves or debris from clinging to it and making its way into the ear cavity.

Many dog breeds have luxurious furry tails. In summer, it’s important to include tail trimming in your dog grooming routine. This will prevent leaves, branches or garden debris from collecting in your dog’s tail. This will groom the tail sufficiently without turning it into a long, ugly stick.

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Article provided by Anni Sofferet Yahoo News