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As the weather gets warmer, I am often asked as a professional groomer about my thoughts on shaving dogs. Although it seems common sense that removing as much hair as possible would help a dog stay cooler, this is not always the case.

A dog’s coat can work like a thermostat, regulating body temperature in both hot and cold weather. The undercoat and outer coat form an insulated barrier that keeps body temperatures under control. In many cases, leaving from 1/4 inch to 1 inch on the dog can help to deal with heat while leaving a protective layer to prevent sunburn and other skin issues.

This is also the time when many dogs typically shed their winter coats, and again, dog owners feel that shaving would help prevent the bothersome loose hair that seems to be everywhere. In this case, I would encourage owners to try a Furminator treatment, a 4 part process that can eliminate shed by up to 90% without shaving.
Each case is different, and a free consultation can help you decide what is best for your dog.

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Dee Lemmon
Grooming Manager
Atlanta Dog Trainer Pet Resort