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Just like individuals, obesity is one of the major widespread health crisis seen in canines. The most ordinary reasons for their obesity is when letting a dog’s bowl kept full the whole day. Veterinarians frequently inform the owners to make use of a less calorie dog foods in such situations. It sounds so easy but the labeling with those foods is not consistent. The portions differ and across foods, the amounts of calories for each portion differ too. It is confusing even to educated individuals.

If your dog weighs beyond normal, the best thing you can do is to ask a veterinarians opinion.  They will recommend a certain weight reduction product and give you details on the quantity of the products to feed.  Importantly, ask your veterinarian on how much your dog must get as well as how often your dog has to feed in a day. If you are confused with the dog foods label, then make a call with the food manufacturer for assistance.

Another one of those weight loss tips that can help both you and your dog lose weight successfully is to have him do exercise routine. Dog can be trained and they can follow many commands if pet owner will just train them. The best exercise for dogs is walking, playing and performing tricks. Put your dog on leash and stroll along with him. Do it regularly or as directed with your veterinarian. Playing is another exercise, you can play catch and fetch. Dogs love playing that game. Throw a ball, Frisbee or his favorite toy and let him catch it and bring it to you. Lastly, performing tricks like sitting down, jump, stand up, lie down and hop. It is just basic tricks but help a lot also.

These exercises are not only dropping your dog’s weight but as well as developing a good relationship with one other. Obesity is a serious problem that should act upon immediately as detected to avoid further problems. As a responsible dog owner, it’s your duty to help maintain the ideal weight of your dog.

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Article provided by Dog Tips