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Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t find the answer below, just ask.

One of the things we pride ourselves on at The Pet Resorts Dunwoody (in addition to our our excellent services!) is total transparency. We don’t add an hidden costs, we have webcams to watch over your pet and we will answer any of your questions with a straight answer!

What to bring to The Pet Resorts Dunwoody?

Just your pet if you like, but you can also include a favorite toy or blanket to make your pet feel more relaxed.  Your own food is recommended to keep your pet’s diet intact and from getting a tummy ache with a new food.

What does a daily schedule for my dog look like?

For boarding guests at The Pet Resorts Dunwoody, up at 7am for breakfast and potty break, then out to one of our play yards for fun with their pals until about 11am.  Next is nap time until about 1:30 pm, followed by dinner and another long romp in the play yard before bed time.

For Daycare guests, a full day of play time in one of our play yards with their furry friends with a short mid-day nap.

Is my dog being monitored while playing?

Absolutely!  By a highly experienced, Pet First Aid and dog signal trained permanent staff member at The Pet Resorts Dunwoody.

What will my dog sleep on?

A raised Kuranda cot style bed that is very comfortable and relaxing.

Shall I bring my own food for my dog and/or cat?

Yes, highly recommended to keep your pet’s digestive system regular and to keep them on a stable diet.  Please mark all your food and any bags you bring with your pet’s name.  Bring enough for the duration of the visit but add about 50% more food as your pet’s appetite may be greater with all the exercise it will get here at The Pet Resorts – Dunwoody.

Can I bring toys, a blanket, treats?

Yes, but please mark them clearly with your pet’s name.

What accommodations do you have for my cat?

Wonderful Cat Condos that allow movement back and forth, up and down, and separation from food/water and litter box.

Do you give multiple pet discounts?

Sure do!  The Pet Resorts Dunwoody offers up to a 20% boarding discount for multiple pets from the same family starting with your second pet.  We also offer additional discounts for our Doggie Daycare packages and long term boarding discounts.

Do you have long term boarding rates?

Yes, please call us directly and we can discuss.

What makes The Pet Resorts Dunwoody different?

Some extras you get from The Pet Resorts Dunwoody that are unique, especially all at one place:

  • All inclusive rates
  • 20% discount on the second dog or cat and up from the same customer on same visit
  • Come in anytime during operating hours on drop off day at no extra charge
  • Special pricing on long term boarding
  • A Pet First Aid and dog signal trained staff second to none!
  • Safety, love, and personal attention from all our employees for your furry family member
  • A place your pet will actually want to come back to due to a great experience on their previous visits
  • Peace of Mind knowing your pet is getting the best care available…anywhere