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It is so important to make sure your dog gets as much as exercise as possible to keep them healthy and happy.
Most people already take their dog for regular walks but there are other types of dog exercise other than walking. So why not mix things up a bit?
By trying out these different methods of exercise for your dog, you can make sure they have lots of fun while staying active at the same time. Carry on reading to discover 5 types of dog exercise that do not include walking.
1. An Obstacle Course
If you are feeling really adventurous, why not assemble an obstacle course in your home or in the garden that your dog can enjoy exploring? You can use everyday items to create beams, tunnels, and objects to jump over.
You can also put cans in a zig-zag pattern and teach your dog to weave in and out of them. Obstacle courses are great fun, improve agility and you can reward your dog with treats when they complete it successfully. The clean-up for this activity might take a while but it will definitely be worth it when you see the excitement on your dog’s face.
2. Hide the Treat
Is there anything your dog loves more than treats?
A great game to play with your pet and something that gives them that essential dog exercise is “hide the treat”. You can hide treats over your home, garden or somewhere else when you are out and about together. Let your dog smell the treat and get them all hyped up and excited before you hide it.
They will likely be running around like crazy trying to figure out where you have hidden this treat before they find it. In terms of dog treats I like to use dog dental chews because it lasts longer and then they feel more rewarded when they do find their surprise. This is a great little game and is something that you can easily do if you do not have much time for walkies but still want to give your dog some essential exercise.
3. Take your Dog Swimming in a Pool
There are many dogs out there who absolutely love water and taking them for a swim is the perfect type of exercise. It is also good for keeping them cool on a warm day.
The best place for your dog to go swimming is in a pool because this is somewhere that you can supervise them. You can actually buy swimming pools or even paddling pools that are designed for dogs to use and this is a great option if you want to try different types of dog exercise.
4. Blow Bubbles
It isn’t just children who love bubbles, dogs are obsessed with them too. This makes bubbles an easy and cheap way to get your dog some exercise, without even leaving your backyard. Get some bubbles and blow them for your dog, watch him go crazy as he attacks them.
Make it a little more of a workout by standing the opposite end of the garden and making your dog run-up to the bubbles, before they will no doubt jump up and burst them.