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Cat Boarding

Cat Boarding Condos:  $29 per night

Our philosophy of not caging your pet all day long holds true for our cat boarding as well.  Each of our feline guests get their own private, two-story Cat Condo with side portals into adjacent condos. We also open up the doors allowing full access to our cat quarters on an individual basis.  This area has scratching posts, cat trees, and cat toys to entertain and exercise your kitty.  Plus, we also have a very large picture window with a perch area allowing a full view of all the activity in our lobby area.

Convenient curbside check in and check out is also available for your cat.

Our Guidelines:

  • Vaccine requirements are Rabies, Feline Leukemia, and F/V/R/C/P immunizations
  • Your food or ours (bringing your own is recommended to minimize change and keep digestive systems in order)
  • All cats must be current on flea and tick preventative medicine
  • No cats that were ill within the last 30 days (unless a written release form from their veterinarian) or any cats with health issues that could be transferable to other cats
Cat Boarding

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