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Meet the A-Team at The Pet Resorts Dunwoody

We are the caretakers of your pet at The Pet Resorts Dunwoody! Rest easy, your babies are in good hands.

Katie Graves

Professional Groomer


My name is Kaitlin Graves, and I am a professional dog groomer. For over four years, I have been working with animals and I love it! I have a wide variety of skills, ranging from a simple bath and brush out to the most interesting cuts you can imagine. While I have the ability to groom all breeds of dogs, I enjoy working on poodles the most. You can rest assured that your dog is on good hands when they are brought to The Pet Resorts Dunwoody. I know how to soothe anxious dogs so that they feel comfortable in our shop and be at ease.

Ashley Slaney

Professional Groomer


My name is Ashley Slaney. Many of you have seen my face at the front desk and in the play yards loving on your fur babies for many months. I am spreading my wings and am now also a part of The Pet Resorts Grooming Department focusing on baths, Mini-Grooms, and deshedding Furminator treatments for our furry guests. I have a few years of experience as a kennel technician and have added pet grooming to my resume so I can take care of all aspects of your pet’s needs. I love every animal I meet and it is my pleasure to groom your fur baby!

Malcolm Aga



After a successful career in sales and management with companies such as Hewlett-Packard and Eclipsys, as well as business development experience in health care information technology start-ups, Malcolm decided it was time to stop being a road warrior and spend more time with his family.  He opened The Pet Resorts in the Cumming – north Fulton area a few years back and saw an opportunity to do the same in Dunwoody after customer feedback.  He has always had a love of animals, especially dogs, having had at least one most of his life. His family is the proud owner of a wild and crazy Morki rescue, a spoiled rotten Coton, a skittish Havanese rescue, and a couple of adopted frogs left with us to care for when our oldest daughter went off to college.

As with any business, the hours are long and there are plenty of challenges to go around, but the rewards are great just in seeing the smile on our customers’ faces when they arrive to pick up their cherished pet, knowing it received loving care by our professionals!