Dog Grooming Services and Pricing

How to Choose the Right Dog Groomer

Dog Grooming Services and Pricing - The Pet Resorts - Dunwoody, Atlanta, GAWhen we groom our dogs, we look for certain attributes that make us comfortable with our choice of groomer as this is an important personal decision for both us and our pet.   We don’t have time to explain what we want done every time we come in and we want to come back to see our dog looking great, clean and happy.   Below is a list of things to look for in a groomer that we provide at our Dunwoody facility.

Trust – I want a groomer I know I can trust with my baby, someone who loves dogs, is strict about safety, does not create stress for my dog, and always has my dog’s best interest at heart.  I never need to worry when my dog is with my groomer.

Experience – I want a groomer who has been doing this for a while and knows what they are doing.  Someone who understands dogs and can make recommendations for what is best for my dog, pays attention to detail and consistently delivers satisfaction at every visit.

Personal Service – I want a groomer who listens to me and understands what I want, someone I can talk to and feel confident that we are both on the same page.

Location – I want a facility that is close by and convenient, clean and organized, and run with honesty and integrity.

Here is a list of the types of services we provide at The Pet Resorts – Dunwoody.  Of course, if there is something you are looking for that is not listed below, we will be glad to discuss your needs with you.

The Pet Resorts - Grooming



  • Skin & Coat Evaluation
  • Bath using shampoo & conditioner chosen for your pet’s individual needs
  • Complete brushing & combing
  • Nails clipped
  • Ears checked & cleaned
  • Anal glands checked & expressed, if needed
  • Sanitary clip
  • Paws & bangs trim
  • Bows or bandanna

Full Grooms and Furminators

  • All services included in the MiniGroom PLUS
  • Full haircut of your choice or a
  • Furminator Deshedding

The Pet Resorts Dog Grooming Advantages:

  • The Pet Resorts – Dunwoody dog groomers have years of experience working with fearful dogs, dogs with anxieties, and dogs that have never been groomed.  We will never force uncomfortable grooming on your dog just to make a dollar!
  • We will always take special care and use a gentle touch with your toy breeds, small, and petite dog breeds and have an in-depth knowledge of their distinctive cuts and coiffures.
  • Our groomers have worked with larger breed dogs, big boned mix breeds, and giant breeds with the coiffures and cuts they require.
  • Our groomers are kind, reliable and experienced with all breed cuts. We are adept at safely shaving dogs for summer and dremmeling and clipping nails on dogs that have long quicks or black nails.
  • Here at The Pet Resorts – Dunwoody, we have knowledge of hard to read dogs’ emotional changes and can recognize the beginning of fear signals allowing us to take immediate care of a shy or fearful dog before they get stressed.   Again, your dog will not be manhandled or mishandled to get them out the door just so that cash register can ring!

The Pet Resorts - GroomingAndrea Iaderosa

Our Grooming Department Manager, Andrea, is a well credentialed and talented hair stylist, groomer, and artist with over 20 years of experience with both dogs and their owners.  She is meticulous and works hard to make sure every dog groomed is a masterpiece and strives to exceed your expectations.  Originally trained as a hair stylist in Germany, she completed her apprenticeship in pet grooming, and has built an extensive local clientele.  After three years of additional training, Andrea earned the prestigious certification of Frisure Meister (Master Hair Stylist) from the German state of Hessen.   Andrea brings a discerning touch to her work and can help you craft the appearance in your 4-legged friend that you desire or suggest an alternative approach to create that special new look.